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Phase Mental Health and Wellness was created with intention for you. We value integrity and trust by showing up as our authentic selves, while utilizing evidenced-based practice methods. Some of the common conditions treated are: depression, anxiety, trauma-related disorders, and life transitions. We welcome tweens, teens, and adults to our practice with holistic approaches. As we continue to grow, we invite you to join our community of wellness. We hope to speak with you soon.
Free 15 min Consultations
Take the first step towards emotional well-being with our complimentary 15-minute consultation. During this personalized session, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your needs, ask questions, and explore how our mental health therapy can support you. It’s a risk-free way to connect and discover how our services can make a positive impact on your journey to a healthier mind.
Virtual Video Therapy
Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our video therapy services. Connect with our skilled therapists from the comfort of your own space, receiving personalized support for managing challenges, improving well-being, and fostering growth. Through secure online sessions, you can access expert guidance, tools, and a safe space for healing, all while maintaining the flexibility that fits your lifestyle.
In Person Therapy
Discover the transformative impact of our in-person therapy sessions. Our welcoming space offers personalized support for managing stress, navigating life’s challenges, and enhancing your well-being. Connect face-to-face with us and embark on a journey of healing, growth, and wellness.

Areas of Expertise

Anxiety and Stress

Teaching coping strategies to manage anxiety and stress related to academic pressures, social dynamics, and life transitions.


Providing you with empathetic support, effective coping strategies, and a safe space to navigate and manage your journey through depression.

Trauma & Healing

Providing therapy for individuals who have experienced trauma, including sexual assault, abuse, or other traumatic events.

Family Dynamics

Offering techniques to improve communication and address conflicts within family relationships.

Self-Esteem & Confidence

 Helping young women build a positive self-image, improve self-esteem, and develop self-confidence.

Self Discovery

Providing a safe space for adolescents and young adults to explore their identities, including gender, sexual orientation, and cultural background.

Transition to Adulthood

Guiding young adults in navigating the transition from high school to college, career, and independent living.

Emotional regulation

Teaching strategies to manage and regulate emotions, enhancing emotional intelligence.

Self Compassion

Address body image issues, promote a healthy relationship with food, and provide support.

Life Skills

Teaching practical life skills such as time management, organization, and decision-making.

Dating & Relationships

Providing guidance on healthy dating practices, setting boundaries, and maintaining positive relationships.


Teaching techniques for mindfulness and self-care to promote emotional well-being

Digital Wellness

Addressing the impact of digital media on mental health and promoting responsible online behavior and media consumption.

Adoption & Foster Care

offering compassionate support and expert guidance as you navigate the adoption journey, helping you create a loving and secure family environment.

Parenting Support

offering guidance, practical tools, and a nonjudgmental space to help you navigate the challenges of parenting and strengthen your relationship with your child

Support for LGBTQ+

Offering a supportive and affirming space for LGBTQ+ individuals to discuss their experiences, concerns, and identity development.
In addition to our core areas of expertise, we take pride in offering specialized support that encompasses a wide spectrum of needs. Our team of skilled professionals brings extensive experience and knowledge to address a diverse range of challenges. You can trust that we have the expertise to guide you towards positive outcomes. Our commitment to your well-being means that we’re here to support you on your journey, no matter what challenges you may be facing

Creative & Unique Methods

🌈 Positivity Power:

Immerse yourself in the world of ‘Positivity Power’ as we guide you through evidence-based techniques that cultivate positivity, resilience, and self-empowerment in every facet of your life. These sessions are carefully curated to help you build a strong foundation of emotional well-being. Through a combination of mindfulness practices, cognitive strategies, and practical exercises, you’ll learn to manage stress, enhance self-confidence, and nurture a positive outlook. Whether you’re facing challenges in relationships, academia, or personal goals, our ‘Positivity Power’ sessions empower you to embrace life with renewed energy and optimism.

🌙 Lunar Insights:

Embark on a metaphorical journey of personal growth with our ‘Lunar Insights’ sessions, inspired by the moon’s phases. Much like the moon waxes and wanes, your journey through life involves periods of introspection, renewal, and evolution. In these sessions, we use the moon’s symbolism to guide you through moments of reflection, helping you gain insights into your emotions, experiences, and aspirations. Through guided discussions and activities, you’ll learn to harness the power of different phases, applying them to navigate challenges, set intentions, and embrace transformation at your own pace.

🎨 Artistic Expression:

Tap into the healing power of creative expression with our ‘Artistic Expression’ sessions. These sessions offer you a unique opportunity to explore emotions, thoughts, and experiences through various artistic outlets. Whether it’s painting, writing, music, or movement, our therapists guide you to channel your inner creativity as a means of navigating emotions and stimulating healing. These sessions are designed to foster self-awareness, enhance emotional processing, and promote personal development. Through artistic exploration, you’ll discover new dimensions of self-expression and unlock pathways to greater well-being.

🔮 Digital Detox Strategies:

In the age of constant connectivity, finding harmony between technology and mental well-being is crucial. Our ‘Digital Detox Strategies’ sessions provide you with practical tools to navigate the digital world mindfully. We explore techniques to set healthy boundaries, manage screen time, and create intentional moments of tech-free rejuvenation. By fostering a balanced relationship with technology, you’ll experience enhanced focus, reduced stress, and improved overall well-being. These sessions empower you to make intentional choices that allow you to stay connected while prioritizing your mental health.

💬 Empowerment Blueprint:

Cultivate confidence, assertiveness, and effective communication skills through our ‘Empowerment Blueprint’ sessions. These sessions are designed to equip you with the tools needed to navigate both personal and professional landscapes with self-assuredness. Whether you’re facing social challenges, seeking to excel in your career, or aiming to build fulfilling relationships, our therapists work alongside you to develop a personalized empowerment plan. Through role-playing, skill-building exercises, and reflective discussions, you’ll gain the confidence to assert your needs, communicate effectively, and navigate life’s challenges with a renewed sense of empowerment.

🌟 Mindset Revolution:

Elevate your mindset through our ‘Mindset Revolution’ sessions designed to align with your fast-paced lifestyle. In these transformative sessions, we delve into your thought patterns, beliefs, and perceptions, aiming to reshape your perspective for personal growth and lasting transformation. Our skilled therapists work collaboratively with you to identify limiting beliefs, encourage self-reflection, and develop strategies that empower you to overcome challenges and embrace change. Whether you’re striving for academic excellence, career advancement, or personal fulfillment, our ‘Mindset Revolution’ sessions equip you with the tools to navigate your journey with resilience and renewed optimism.